Breakfast Menu

Served all day until 16:00

Bircher Muesli ….. R85
Overnight soaked rolled oats, chopped fruit, grated apple, mixed seeds, cinnamon, honey & sliced banana

Hot Oats ….. R55
Hot oats with spiced fruit compote, cream & pumpkin seeds

Fresh Fruit & Yoghurt ….. R75
Seasonal fruit served with double cream plain yoghurt & basil sugar

Breakfast Menu 3603

Power Bowl ….. R85
Coconut soaked chia, papaya, toasted pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, flaked coconut, banana & lime (V)

Toast & Preserves ….. R40
Two slices of artisan toast with butter and a choice of one preserve: Lemon curd, marmalade, peanut butter, house made jams (ask your waitron for today’s options)

Eggs & Toast ….. R40
Two eggs, two slices of artisan toast. Poached, scrambled or fried.


Two eggs on a slice of artisan toast. Napped with lemon Hollandaise sauce, chopped capers and chives

Bacon ….. R90
Spinach ….. R90
Mushroom ….. R90
Onassis ….. R105

Breakfast Menu 3603

French Toast ….. R95
Banana bread french toast with miso caramel, fresh banana, crispy bacon and peanut butter

Half English ….. R70
One egg, one slice of artisan toast with a pork sausage & bacon.

Breakfast Menu 3603

Shakshouka ….. R85
Eggs baked in spiced tomato and zucchini sauce, finished with coriander and served with your choice of artisan toast. (V)

Royale ….. R125
Cheesy scrambled egg served with smoked salmon trout, avocado and pesto toast.

Mushrooms on Toast ….. R60
Mushrooms sautéed with chilli, garlic & rosemary. On a slice of artisanal toast, topped with a poached egg, brown butter & parsley (V)

Breakfast Menu 3603
Wilted Asian Greens ….. R95
Soy and sesame wilted greens, with turmeric and ginger yoghurt, glazed mushrooms a poached egg and toasted sesame. (V)

Cypriot ….. R100
Pan fried halloumi on an heirloom cherry tomato, cucumber and red onion salad with kalamata olives, preserved lemon, roast aubergine hummus, pomegranate and a poached egg with tahini yoghurt and sumac. (V)

Vegan Breakfast Nachos ….. R85
Black bean sautéed with onion, garlic & chilli flake, served with cherry tomato, avocado & pico de gallo, coriander & lime with crispy corn nachos. (Ve)

Breakfast Menu 3603

Garden Breakfast ….. R70
One egg, one slice of artisan toast, grilled cherry tomatoes, with a choice of spinach or mushrooms. (V)

Breakfast Menu 3603

Chicken Livers ….. R95
Pan fried livers on butter fried bread with a cherry tomato, red onion and herb salad, chilli oil and pickled garlic

Eggs Florentine ….. R90
Creamed mushroom and spinach on a slice of artisan bread topped with two poached eggs, brown butter and creamed feta with preserved lemon. (V)

Lunch Menu 3603


Egg ….. R8
Bacon ….. R25
Salmon ….. R50
Wilted Spinach ….. R25
Jam ….. R5
Cheddar Cheese ….. R20
Grilled Tomato ….. R12
Fresh Tomato ….. R12

Mushrooms ….. R25
Halloumi ….. R22
Caramelised Onion ….. R12
Avo ….. R18
Hollandaise ….. R35
Fried Banana ….. R12
Pork Sausage ….. R20
Toast ….. R8
Fries ….. R21

Menu items and prices are subject to change without prior notice and is based on the availability of stock